About Us

Merry Meet ! My name is RavenSky and i would like to welcome you to Raven's Realm. I have embarked on a journey and would like to share it with all of you. I became interested in the Metaphysical/Newage/Spiritual world almost 20 years ago and right from the very beginning my hopes were to have my own store that carries all the majickal items to assist us all on our paths. The opportunity presented itself and here we are making majick happen. So come on in and stay for a spell, we have lots to offer. Their are many BOOKS and CD'S for learning and relaxation. We have CRYSTALS and TAROT DECKS . There is JEWELRY, OILS,CANDLES,CAULDRONS,ALTER TOOLS. There are many items that will be of interest to you. I hope our paths will cross and bless us all with prosperity,faith and gratitude. Blessed Be
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